Flatwork/Laser Screed

For over 17 years Superior Concrete Constructors has been a leader in commercial and industrial concrete flatwork throughout Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Southern Illinois.   Superior’s proficiency with pouring and finishing  concrete in addition to our ability to achieve flat and super flat floors using modern equipment allows our projects to meet the most stringent specifications.

Laser Screed

Superior Concrete owns and operates a Somero-SXP Laser Screed which strikes off concrete to a specific elevation grade using a laser guided control system.  The Screed  creates a perfectly flat floor at a rate of 5,000 square feet per hour.   A  Somero 3-D Profiler System is used with the Screed to read the terrain and accurately place concrete over multi-dimensional contoured sites such as parking lots, loading dock areas, service ramps, and access drives.  Utilizing the Laser Screed Superior places over 2 million square feet of concrete annually.

Click below video Link of Superior Concrete’s Laser Screed

Learn more about Somero’s Technological breakthrough with 3D Profiling! Somero 3D Profiling

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