Since 2000 SCC has designed and built over two million square feet of tilt-up projects in the Tri-State area. This type of cost-efficient structure is often used for retail stores, warehouses, distribution centers, schools, and office complexes.

Since crews can complete multiple construction stages simultaneously it can significantly reduce project costs. In addition, a concrete structure such as a tilt-up building is good for the environment as the building can maintain a comfortable interior heating and cooling temperature.

The Process

In-depth planning is required before beginning this type of project.  It is extremely important to make the most effective use of the site and workspace available. In this type of construction, the building’s walls (referred to as panels) are poured directly on top of the floor slab and lifted into place with a crane. Complex planning and engineering not only go into building the panel forms to include such things as windows, man and overhead doors, height fluctuations, and façade enhancements, but also the size and weight of the panels and how they are lifted to determine the positioning of the crane. The entire building process takes place on-site. With attributes of flexibility, speed, durability and long term value tilt-up construction is economical to build and efficient to maintain.